Angela Wetzel 

New York, NY 10033 ©2019 

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results...

It's time you did something different.

It's time you hired a coach

I'll be honest. I'm not your typical coach. I'm a deep digger, a truth teller and a maker of funny faces. Yet, I'm very serious when it comes to helping you with GSD (getting shit done). My background as an US Army Sergeant will give you professional accountability. The actor and writer in me will give you the deep dive you need into emotions and metaphors (should you want this). The stand up comic and sketch comedy performer will help add some levity when things get heavy. My Jill of all Trades qualities will mean that you are holding all the cards that matter.


For the past several years, I’ve been helping clients with my intuitive abilities, but I wanted to offer them something more practical. I knew I needed to combine the spiritual, mental, and emotional realms with real action. I wanted to empower my clients, so I got my coaching certification through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and have become an Energy Leadership Index practitioner. I also use COR.E Dynamics to identify energy levels in all areas of life. If you're stuck, we'll know why. What does this mean for you? Massive change is on the way.


Support That Makes a Difference


Reclaim your lost power. As an energy coach, I notice how we show up in life is about power. When we feel powerless, we can either feel stuck and hopeless or we can feel anger and frustration. While neither of these emotions are the cornerstones of what you want to build your dreams upon, they are an important part of the process. They are sign posts of where you are, what you really want and how to recognize when you're out of alignment. Let's work together to create an amazing life; one where you feel inspired, energized and powerful.


The common denominator in all of our relationships is us. Therefore, you have the power to change each and every one of them; when you change, others will respond differently. Whether you are struggling with a family member, coworker or boss, in relationship, healing from the pain of the loss of relationship or looking to find the love of your life, healing in this area will positively impact all other areas of your life.

Whatever you’re struggling with, I’m here to help you achieve your goals. Contact me to find out more.

“Life is constantly bringing us challenges and opportunities. When we have the courage to step up to the challenges and seize the opportunities, we move forward.”

Bill Copper


New York, NY, USA