Angela Wetzel 

New York, NY 10033 ©2019 

How would your life change if you knew love would always be there for you?

It's time you got the right help.

It's time you have the relationship you really want.

The truth is, if you haven't found a solid, healthy relationship, it's not your fault. You've tried really hard and despite your best efforts, things still don't work. You wish that someone would just tell you what to do so you can do it already. Maybe you see the patterns, you just don't know how to break the cycle.


You don't have to settle for broken, dysfunctional relationships or half-assed love. You deserve more than crumbs. I've been where you are and I've lead others from relationship pain to partnership. How would it feel to have someone leading you on the path to healing, lasting love? What would be possible for you if you had a mentor guiding you each step of the way? Your own personal love coach to help you with real world, in the moment problems? What would it feel like to be more empowered, confident, have more clarity and self-trust? That's only the beginning of what's possible.

Hi there!

I'm Angela. I'm so glad you looked me up - chances are you're in some pain around relationships and you need help. Maybe you've done a LOT of work, you've read all the books, done all the things...maybe even an embarrassing amount, but you still don't have the results you want. Perhaps you're just learning there's an issue. You don't just need answers as to why you're stuck in the old, destructive patterns - what I call relationship insanity - you need actual,  real, measurable change.


 My process is not one-size fits all approach; it's tailored to you and your unique needs. We dig deep but we also have fun. I combine the spiritual, mental, and emotional realms with action in my mentorship. I am passionate about the latest research in the psychology, trauma and neuroscience fields and at the same time, know how important it is to play and laugh (a lot) during the healing process. What does this mean for you? Massive change is on the way.


Support That Makes a Difference


What you will need on this journey is a willingness to learn and a strong commitment to yourself. You are here because you know that you deserve better. I work with a limited number of motivated women who are ready to make the changes necessary to become ready for healthy love. Click here to fill out my mentorship application. We will schedule a consultation session to determine proper fit as well as to identify what your goals are.


The common denominator in all of your relationships is you. Therefore, you have the power to change each and every relationship in your life; when you change, others will respond differently. When you embark on this healing journey, you will no longer be attracted to the same kind of wounded partners, you will make new choices, have new awareness of your values, boundaries and your actual needs and wants. Your wounded-self will no longer be selecting your partners through the filter of old traumas. Real healthy love isn't about strategy, it's about authenticity and intimacy. Here you will learn how to honor yourself and honor your heart. 

Have questions about mentorship or your particular situation? Contact me. I'm happy to answer your questions.

“The first prerequisite of intimacy is to be intimate with oneself. As long as we are looking outside ourselves for intimacy, we will never have it and we will never be able to give it.”

-Anne Wilson Shaef


New York, NY, USA