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Do you want results? Of course you do! Mentorship is life-changing stuff!! Mentorship will get you results. Often people will try to go it alone...we do not heal solely in isolation. I recommend mentorship for women who are really looking to level up in their relationships. They are done with the toxic patterns and breadcrumbs in relationships and they know they deserve more. They've done the personal work on themselves and have gone as far as they can alone. They recognize that their next step is to partner with a mentor who will help them tackle the things they are not able to overcome on their own. They are committed to a new life.

         Are you willing to do what it takes to have the life you desire?

         Are you open to learning new things and taking bold new action?

         Do you desire massive change in one or more areas of your life?

         Has something been standing in the way of getting what you want but you don't know what?

If so, you're ready to commit to one of the greatest investments in yourself you could ever make. Mentorship is a fantastic vehicle for change.

If you're still not sure if mentorship is for you, why not sign up for a free consultation with me and give it a test drive? I'm here to partner with you to make the best decision moving forward. I'm always looking for the win-win in every situation and if it doesn't benefit both of us, I'm glad to help recommend you to other mentors, coaches and healers in my network.


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So, you're like a therapist, right?

Not exactly. Although mentorship often walks a very fine line of dealing with and healing emotions, we mostly look to the past to inform the present and then focus on the future. It's not uncommon for people who want to really make huge changes to have both therapist and a relationship mentor at the same time. Mentorship is not the same as therapy or counseling, but there here may be small elements of those specialties but that only comes with permission. As a mentor, I partner with you (and your nervous system).

So, you're gonna tell me what to do, right?

In the end, the client is the one taking the action. You call the shots. As a mentor, I will help you define what you truly desire in relationship and will help you get there. I am here to support you and get you results. Mentorship is a partnership between a mentor and a client that helps the client take their life from functional to thriving by expanding a client's awareness, looking at your go-to energy levels (with a trauma-informed perspective), identifying hidden blocks, creating action plans, providing professional accountability and unlocking dormant potential.



Each session is 45 minutes, during which I lead the client through my personal system: identifying their toxic patterns, learning their attachment style, gaining clarity on their personal values, boundaries, needs and wants as well as teaching them specific tools for discernment through dating, healing old wounds and traumas as well as self-soothing and trauma releasing exercises to help manage stress and other issues that arise outside of our sessions so the client is able to be self-sufficient. The client also has the option of bringing a goal or concern that they'd like to work on in their mentorship session. In the end, it is client-driven and the sessions are here to serve the needs of the client, but there is a strategy and structure in place to help guide the client on the path to healthy, secure love.

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