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Do you want results? Of course you do! Coaching is life-changing stuff!! Coaching will get you results. I recommend coaching for people who are really looking to level up in life. They've done the personal work on themselves and have gone as far as they can alone. They recognize that their next step is to partner with a coach who will help them tackle the things they are not able to overcome on their own. They are committed to a new life.

         Are you willing to do what it takes to have the life you desire?

         Are you open to learning new things and taking bold new action?

         Do you desire massive change in one or more areas of your life?

         Has something been standing in the way of your success, but you don't know what?

If so, you're ready to commit to one of the greatest investments in yourself you could ever make. Coaching is a fantastic vehicle for change.

If you're still not sure if life coaching is for you, why not sign up for a free power breakthrough session and give it a test drive? I'm here to partner with you to make the best decision moving forward. I'm always looking for the win-win in every situation and if it doesn't benefit both of us, I'm glad to help recommend you to other coaches or services in my network.


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So, you're like a therapist, right?

Not exactly. Although life coaching often walks a very fine line of dealing with and healing emotions, we mostly look to the past to inform the present and then focus on the future. It's not uncommon for people who want to really make huge changes to have both therapist and a life coach at the same time. Life Coaching is not the same as therapy, counseling, advising, mentoring or teaching since it is client-driven. There may be small elements of those specialties but that only comes with permission. We partner with you.

So, you're gonna tell me what to do, right?

Actually, coaching is about making sure you are calling the shots. As a coach, I will help you define what you want in life and will help you get there. Life Coaching is a partnership between a coach and a client that helps the client take their life from functional to thriving by expanding a client's awareness, looking at your go-to energy levels, identifying hidden blocks, creating action plans, providing professional accountability and unlocking dormant potential.


What if I have a lot going I need several different coaches?

Since coaches are trained to "coach the person, not the issue," a life coach is able to assist change in multiple life areas such as relationships, purpose, leadership, self-confidence, transitional periods, well-being, finance, and personal or professional goals. Many coaches have niches in which the specialize, where they may have the most life experience and training. Depending on what you'd like to focus on, you may want to consider a coach within a specific niche. I'd pick the main thing you'd like to work on. Remember, changing one area in your life will have a huge impact on other areas. Plus, I have networks of coaches that I can refer you to if you need something outside of my expertise.



Each session is 45 minutes, during which the client brings a goal or concern that they'd like to work on in their coaching, i.e. "I get so enraged when I feel neglected by my boyfriend..." or "I'm really unhappy with work and can't spend another day living this LIE!" The options really are endless. I use an ICF accredited system to clearly define the client's goals, determine the importance of achieving the goal and designing an action plan for achieving the goal after determining what energetic blocks stand in the way of it's completion. I'm trained in COR.E Energy Dynamics and the Energy Leadership Index to assess the energy level each situation is at as well as to help the client overcome any internal or external obstacles.

I have a comprehensive tool box of skills and exercises I employ to help my clients gain clarity on what their really want in life based on their values as well as active listening skills to help expand awareness and champion the client towards their own definition of success.

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