**Before I dive in, I wanted to let you know that I use coaching and mentoring almost interchangeably. While they are technically different, I utilize both techniques in my practice and don't differentiate here on the FAQ.**



Do you want results? Then you have to do the work...if you do the work, you will get results. If I were to guarantee your results, not only would that be illegal, but I'd be lying because it largely depends on you. I'm the mentor, the coach, the teacher, I will lead you to the well, but I can't make you drink the water or take the actions. That part is up to you. But if you're sick and tired of the shit and you're ready to commit to yourself to change, then, by God, you can make it happen. Simply by having a coach in your corner, you have accountability and that increases your chances of success up to 95%. Let me be honest though, you don't just want anybody in your corner. Over the years, I've had roughly 4 coaches, 5 mentors, about half a dozen therapists...not all were the best fit for the job. You need someone who knows what they're doing. They need to be ahead of you in their own healing journey. You need to be the right client (yep, you must be ready) and they need to be the right coach for you. Not every one is a fit - it's important that you do your homework and find that out.

         Are you willing to do what it takes to have the life you desire?

         Are you open to learning new things and taking bold action?

         Do you desire massive change in one or more areas of your life?

         Are you willing to invest your time and money into changing your life?

If so, you're ready to commit to one of the greatest investments in yourself you could ever make. I became a coach because I realized how powerful it can be and I love blowing people's socks off. Now, I'm almost never without my own mentor or coach if I can help it.

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To be perfectly honest, it doesn't do you, the prospective client, any good to put prices on here. Do you know why? Because if you've never had a coach before, you won't understand the real value of it. You don't know what you don't know and part of that is you may still think you can heal on your own (this is only partially true). You may not know yet that if you really want change, you'll have to ask for help. The books, the webinars, the programs will only get you so far. Coaching is an investment. Honestly, it should scare you a bit. It is a worthy investment because you're paying for years of experience, blood, sweat and tears and it's a personal service. But, you CAN afford it, if you CHOOSE to prioritize change. Here's why: it will actually save you time and money over the long haul. Yes, it will. Especially for what you're coming to me for.  You should also know that because of the type of work that I do and my specific type of clientele, I offer sliding scale rates. I have a certain amount of spots available and all I ask is that you do your best to meet me where you can with pricing. I'm more committed to helping and getting you results than I am about making a set amount of money. Try me.



Although mentorship often walks a very fine line of dealing with and healing emotions, we mostly look to the past to inform the present and then focus on the future. Coaching is results-focused. We look at not only achieving goals but permanent and lasting change. The goal of therapy is to take a person from a non-functional state (struggling pretty hard) to a functional state (getting by). The goal of coaching and mentorship is to take someone from functional (getting by) to thriving (kicking ass and loving life). It's not uncommon for people who want to really make huge changes to have both therapist and a relationship mentor at the same time, in fact, I highly recommend this if you can swing it. Mentorship is not the same as therapy or counseling, but there may be certain elements of those specialties included but how much and how far we go only comes with permission from the client. As a mentor, I partner with you (and your nervous system). As in, I need you fully on board, so the goal may be discomfort but never panic and overwhelm.


In the end, you, the client is the one taking the action. You call the shots. It's my job to guide you, educate you, expand your awareness and perspective as well as help you define what you truly desire in relationship to help you get there. I will be there to help you look at your blindspots and stuck places and explore how to shine the light on those dark places as well as get you moving towards what you want. I am here to support you and get you results. Mentorship is a partnership between a mentor and a client that helps the client take their life from functional to thriving by expanding a client's awareness, looking at your go-to energy levels (with a trauma-informed perspective), identifying hidden blocks, creating action plans, providing professional accountability and unlocking dormant potential.



Each session is 45 minutes (hour maximum, time-allowing), during which I lead the client through my personal system: identifying their toxic patterns, learning their attachment style, gaining clarity on their personal values, boundaries, needs and wants as well as teaching them specific tools for discernment through dating, healing old wounds and traumas as well as self-soothing and trauma releasing exercises to help manage stress and other issues that arise outside of our sessions so the client is able to be self-sufficient. The client also has the option of bringing a goal or concern that they'd like to work on in their mentorship session. In the end, it is client-driven and the sessions are here to serve the needs of the client, but there is a strategy and structure in place to help guide the client on the path to healthy, secure love.


I am a certified life coach and performance specialist. I have experience in many arenas of life, but I decided to further specialize in relationships (especially the one to self) because I found them to be the biggest contributor to an individual's success or demise, therefore something that I have chosen to master. I continue to learn everyday; it is my passion. Given that you decide how to use your sessions, we can actually discuss anything that's relevant to you. I often help clients with many different kinds of relationships including friendships, roommates, relatives, in-laws, parents, employer-employee dynamics, and authority figures, among other types. Another thing I work on a lot with others is their discovering their own life passion and purpose as well as creating job, business and creative opportunities for themselves. I am a resource-machine.


I've found it takes a minimum of three months to really begin to see results and change. Remember, you are changing hard-wired habits and ways of being. There isn't a magic pill (sorry, I wish there was!). The sweet spot is about six months where there's a lot of change and exciting stuff that starts to happen. It becomes very tangible. Many clients stay with me for a year or more because they get into a really great groove of seeing actual, sustainable results. I do offer extra drop in sessions, email, text and Voxer (voice memo app) support for my package clients. I also recently added a number of pay what you can single sessions per month for those looking to get help with a specific issue that would like an actual session instead of just a consult.


A consultation is really an introductory session to ascertain what larger issue a client would like to work on for a long-term coaching agreement as well as to see if there is a good client-coach fit. I ask: "Am I able to help this client or do I need to refer them to therapy, group sessions or another coach or specialist? Are they ready for coaching? Do I want to coach them?" We need to have a good partnership. It's vital for the client to feel a sense of connection and get a feel for how the coach works. Do you as a client feel comfortable with the coach? Do you like them? A full session is an actual coaching session where a specific issue or circumstance is addressed and worked through during the session. There's usually a problem identified, what may be causing it, shifting the energy and perspective, goal setting and next action steps planned. Consults are free, coaching sessions are part of coaching packages.

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