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Group Coaching & Courses

These programs are offered certain times throughout the year. Some of them may also have an online individual course study with the option of joining the live group coaching element when available.

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Relational Alchemy for the Feminine Energy Being

Begins February 2022. Space is extremely limited.

This course is designed for those who are ready to call forth their divine masculine energy (and partner) through transforming their relationship to self and their own feminine and masculine energy. One of the most powerful things this course does is to help you heal and repair the relationship between your own masculine and feminine energy and help you to integrate and embody those changes. The shifts are powerful and noticeable. 

The Sensitive Alpha

Begins May 2022. Group will be limited to 12 participants.

The sensitive alpha is for those who would like to focus on purpose, leaving a legacy and drawing more love, ease and flow into their lives through learning balance and how to serve their own inner feminine energy (which raises their energy to that of a true alpha that's in alignment with their authentic self). The most powerful souls who are able to serve, protect and heal others have learned how to be attuned to their emotions and understand that they are the key to unlocking their full potential.

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How We Heal

This is a roadmap provides clarity for how the healing process actually works so that you can learn how to relax, integrate and enjoy the journey while healing into your life without feeling the pressure to get it all done right now. Think of this as taking the shortcut to healing by amping up your level of awareness. Understanding ourselves can bring so much relief and ease, especially when we can identify where we are at "on the map" at any given time.


Next course launch TBD.

Deeper Dating

The Deeper Dating course is based off of the work and the  book by my mentor, Ken Page, LCSW. This program is created to cut through the superficial noise of dating so that you can learn how to approach dating with confidence, kindness, compassion and self-trust. Gone are the days of meeting someone and just hoping it will work out. Here, you'll reeducate your attractions, know the difference between attractions of inspiration and deprivation, bringing awareness to your feelings as you date and learn how to navigate new relationships and intimacy from a heart-centered perspective.

Next course launch TBD.

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