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Relational Alchemy for the Feminine Energy Being

Begins 2/23/22 – registration is now open. Space is limited: only nine spots available. Small group, high-connection and support. Early enrollment bonuses.

Alchemize your relationship pain into power.


Would you like to:


  • Be able to truly trust yourself to find the right relationships?

  • Feel confident in dating and love?

  • Express yourself without second-guessing or walking on eggshells?

  • Opt into relationships that are supportive and secure instead of nerve-wracking and draining?

  • Have clarity around what you really want and need in relationships (and know how to get it)?

  • Truly know that finding love isn't if it's when?

  • Feel a sense of calm and security in your romantic relationships?

If you're...

  • Feeling powerless in relationships.

  • Afraid that your emotions and reactions are ruining your potential for happy healthy relationships.

  • Tired of learning about attachment, psychology and relationships but watching nothing change in your life.

  • Finding yourself attracted to and in relationships with emotionally unavailable partners.

  • Worried about the clock running out on you "figuring out" and "fixing" your relationship blindspots.

  • Feeling trapped in less than satisfying relationship cycles and aren't happy.

  • Done with being in these push and pull dynamics in relationships.

  • Approaching love and relationships from a place of protection and suspicion rather than inspiration and openness.

You can absolutely...

Learn the skill sets that will help you:

  1. Feel safe receiving so that you can lean back and let love pursue you.

  2. Trust, honor and discern your emotions so you can call in the kind of love your feminine heart actually desires.

  3. Stop taking crumbs and staying in less than satisfying relationships.

  4. Recognize healthy, empowered energy so you can gently let go of unhealthy patterns and partners.

  5. Learn to feel stable, confident and calm within yourself so you can have FUN in the process of attracting and receiving love.

  6. Feel powerful and clear-headed in relationships.

  7. Learn to trust your deep desires so that you actually take the aligned actions to get what you truly want.

  8. Understand why relaxation, ease and emotional authenticity are your greatest allies.

If this resonates, Relational Alchemy for the Feminine Energy Being was created for you. I'd love to talk about the kind of transformation you'd love to achieve in this course during a free 1:1 discovery call.


If you’re interested in changing the way you do relationships forever and want to learn the secrets of relational alchemy, click on the link below so we can determine right fit for you as well as the group. Space for this course is limited to ten beautiful souls. If you feel called and inspired to join, I’d love to have you in the group!

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