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Relational Alchemy

Applications close 7/20/23. Space is limited. Small group, high-connection and support.

Alchemize your relationship pain into power.


Would you like to:


  • Successfully self-soothe your relationship anxiety, triggers and confusion?

  • Stop self-abandoning for others, or pressuring yourself to produce specific relationship results?

  • Know how to interact with your emotions and thought processes to find inner clarity?

  • Have a process to understand why you are where you are so that you can know how to move forward and make decisions with confidence?


If you're...

  • Afraid that your triggers, emotions, reactions are ruining your potential for happy, healthy relationships.

  • Tired of reading and learning about attachment, psychology and relationships but watching nothing change in your life.

  • Finding yourself attracted to and in relationships with emotionally unavailable partners.

  • Worried about the clock running out on you "figuring out" and "fixing" your relationship blindspots.

You can absolutely...

Learn the skill sets that will help you:

  1. Create a sense of inner calm and understanding around your emotions and those of your partner.

  2. Create clear lines of communication with yourself and others.

  3. Identify and experience healthy relationship behaviors and attachment so that it becomes familiar.

  4. Feel confident and satisfied in your relationships.

  5. Learn to trust your needs, wants and desires so that you can take loving actions to support those.

  6. Understand why relaxation, ease and emotional authenticity are your greatest allies.

If you'd like to heal your attractions and attachment so you can have the kind of love you desire, Relational Alchemy was created for you. I'd love to talk about the kind of transformation you'll achieve in this course during a complimentary 1:1 discovery call.


If you’re interested in changing the way you do relationships forever and want to learn the secrets of relational alchemy, click on the link below so we can determine if this is the best fit for you. Space for this course is limited. 

Click the link below to book your FREE discovery call now.

Program details:

Applications close 7/20/23. 

This will be a small group, tight knit group.


Relational Alchemy is a 12-week trauma and attachment-informed coaching program designed to help you heal your attachment style and unconscious blocks to love so you can experience deeply satisfying relationships. 


This is a 12-week implementation program and experiential learning process to: 

Practice cutting-edge neuroscience based-skills to rewire your system for more connection, compassion and satisfaction in your relationships. 

What's included:


12-weekly Live Coaching Sessions 

12-root cause group coaching calls so you can heal the root of your unconscious blocks to love and release yourself from the patterns that have been holding you back via a deeply-supportive container.


8 Virtual Modules with Video Training, Detailed Slides, Home Exercises and Journaling Prompts for Integration and Implementation Work:

Virtual training delivered weekly to access and study at your own pace and convenience. You can access the modules from the learning portal. Immerse yourself in the process of neuroscience and attachment-based healing and guidance through each step of Relational Alchemy.


High-Touch, High-Quality Private Group Support:

Two support channels so you not only learn to implement the process, but have high-quality support along the way so you can share your wins, aha’s and challenges as well as receive timely guidance. We are in this together to support your nervous system as you heal. 

Private 24/7 group support access for consistent guidance during the course (Facebook).

Private 24/7 group chat access for questions, support, shares and celebrations (Voxer or Telegram for voice memos and text).


A Year Access to Relational Alchemy Content & Curriculum


Online Portal:

Recorded Live Calls, Course Materials and Extras here for you in your private online membership portal. 


These are the foundational pillars of the Relational Alchemy Process:

  1. Identify your biggest relationship challenges so we can get crystal clear on what the underlying problem is (basically, we need to have complete clarity on your Point A: Where you are now, so we know how to create your Point B: Where you want to be).

  2. Break the recurring cycles of relationship pain through using awareness, discernment and self-soothing skills (we need to develop your awareness in the movement to honor and work through your relationship fears so you can take new actions and make new choices).

  3. Create the embodiment of secure attachment through experiencing and practicing secure habits (we need you to know what healthy love looks like, feels like, how to give that to yourself and immerse yourself in it so you can create new behaviors and receive love deeply).


"I absolutely adore Angela, she's helped me grow immensely. Prior to working with Angela, I was feeling massive amounts of insecurity, not feeling sure of myself, unable to really parent myself, my security was solely based off external situations, relationships especially. She's helped me so much to tap into my inner child, my own power, my own intuition, my own wisdom and I have never felt more powerful  and more confident in my life."

- Kim S.
"I knew that it was going to push me to invest in myself. I knew it was going to up level me and it did, massively. It gave me a new lens to look at relationships and has brought me into myself deeper. I feel so grateful.

My biggest breakthrough was that I had anxious and avoidant attachment and that there was going to be constant interplay. I can now grasp onto and feel that feeling of secure attachment a lot more easily than before.

I wanted to feel sturdy, I feel sturdier. I know the path to sturdy, feels, acts, looks, and feels much more clear to me."
The Secure Love Challenge.png
- Deidra R.


The Secure Love Challenge (1).png

Hi, I'm Angela.

I've have over 13 years experience in the personal growth, development and leadership field. I'm an attachment-based and trauma-informed relationship coach. I started Epic Initiator Coaching over 6 years ago.


I have successfully coached epic transformations in 1:1 clients, couples, business partners and in group coaching containers.


My mission is to provide world-class support in aiding others on their journey to healing and experiencing more: More love, more fun, more joy, more bliss, more abundance.


I have coaching certifications through iPEC, the IFC and am a certified Deeper Dating Coach. I have completed numerous courses with industry leaders and experts in the trauma, attachment, neuroscience and relationship fields and pursue continuing education credits through NICABM, SAND, and MAPS among others.

I would love to meet you, learn about your unique journey and challenges and help you create the kind of love you want.

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