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Relationship & Dating Coaching

I'm so glad you're here! It's nice to meet you, I'm Angela Wetzel, I help people heal their attachment styles and unconscious blocks to love so they can let in the deeply satisfying relationships that they truly want. 

I work one-on-one, with couples, business leaders and parters as well as lead transformational group coaching.

I'm an international relationship coach, writer, performer, speaker, podcaster and creator of various programs that help people heal their trauma and let in more love. I host the So Emotional Podcast with podcast partner and somatic coach, Nick Carl - you  can find it on Apple, Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud by clicking here.

I've have over 13 years experience in the personal growth, development and leadership field. I'm an attachment-based and trauma-informed relationship coach. 

I have successfully coached epic transformations in 1:1 clients, couples, business partners and in group coaching containers.


My mission is to provide world-class support in aiding others on their journey to healing and experiencing more: More love, more fun, more joy, more bliss, more abundance.


I have coaching certifications through iPEC, the IFC, I'm a certified Deeper Dating Coach and an Energy Leadership Practitioner. I have completed numerous courses with industry leaders and experts in the trauma, attachment, neuroscience and relationship fields and pursue continuing education credits through NICABM, SAND, and MAPS among others.

I would love to meet you, learn about your unique journey and challenges and help you create the kind of love you want.

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