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Radical Self-Honoring 1:1 Coaching

I'm so glad you're here! It's nice to meet you, I'm Angela Wetzel, an international relationship coach, writer, performer, speaker and creator of various programs that help lead those who are ready for transformation to deeper levels of self-connection, which opens them to deeper relationships and satisfaction.


Radical Self-Honoring is a 12-week secure attachment program container designed to help you heal attachment trauma and learn how to powerfully attune to yourself and fully honor your emotions. It's combination of mentoring and coaching that is specifically curated to your individual challenges, needs and desires. The program includes 12 one-on-one sessions with me via Zoom or phone as well as Voxer (voice memo) support.

My goal with clients is to level up the love in their life, which manifests in so many amazing ways. In short, I help my clients heal their blocks to healthy, safe, secure love so they can create the kinds of blissful and satisfying relationships they've always wanted.  


In general, I offer help around, but not limited to, these areas: educating attractions and creating functional relationship patterns, self-attunement, understanding wounded and younger parts, healthy emotional relating, receiving wounds, attachment trauma, emotional trauma, earning secure attachment, love addiction, codependence, healing polarity, healing adversarial relationships, masculine and feminine energy integration, overfunctioning, overthinking, embodiment, trauma-informed reparenting, connecting the conscious and subconscious, healing from enmeshment wounds and parentified child dynamics. Coaching is not therapy; I often recommend therapy to clients to supplement the work that we do.

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