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Epic Love: Heal your unconscious blocks to love so you can finally let in deeply satisfying relationships.

Are you starting to give up on the love you want?


  • You dream of a deeply satisfying  relationship, but despite your best efforts, it hasn’t happened yet.

  • You feel discouraged by the kinds of people you’re attracting (if they’re unavailable, they’re hot, if they’re available, they’re not).

  • It feels like there’s something about love that you’re just not getting or seeing, but you don’t know what it is.

  • You can’t seem to figure out if this is your “stuff" or theirs and have trouble knowing what decision to make.

  • You’re ready and available for a fully committed relationship, but don’t know how to go about creating it.


Are you tired of feeling lost, confused and stuck around relationships?

 Are you ready to: 


  • Know whether someone is truly right for you or not.

  • Let in the right kinds of people that will generously give back to you.

  • Close the door on what no longer serves you or honors you and commit to yourself.

  • Allow yourself to show up fully and authentically in your relationships without self-abandoning.


If you're ready to feel powerful in love, join me in Epic Love, a 12-week immersive, live coaching program, with daily support and private group access to remove your unconscious blocks to love and finally let in the deeply satisfying relationship you desire.


In Epic Love you will learn how to:

  1. Feel safe receiving so that you can trust yourself fully to let more love in.

  2. Trust, honor and discern your emotions so you can choose the right kind of partners.

  3. Stop taking crumbs and staying in less than satisfying relationships.

  4. Recognize healthy, secure love so you can gently let go of unhealthy patterns and partners.

  5. Learn to feel stable, confident and calm within yourself so you can have FUN in the process of attracting and receiving love.

  6. Feel powerful and clear-headed in relationships.

  7. Learn to trust your deep desires so that you actually take the aligned actions to get what you truly want.

  8. Understand why relaxation, ease and emotional authenticity are your greatest allies.

Your unconscious blocks to love were created by relationship experiences and they must be healed in new relationship experiences, which is Epic Love is experiential (an embodied experience). We heal through safe connection and consistency, which is why it's so important that you experience safe, supportive relationships and practice creating new experiences with expert guidance.


If you've been trying to do this alone without results, I invite you to experience the power of support and guidance as you are coached through your own unique blocks to love. You'll be connecting with others on this healing journey and taking life-changing actions.

Epic Love was created for you to heal relationship anxiety, confusion and pain so you can feel sturdy, secure and strong in your relationships. If you want to clear your relationship blocks and finally let in satisfying love, book a complimentary 1:1 discovery call with me by clicking the link below; I'll cover any questions you have about the program including the investment. 





A part of you already knows that you were not meant for mediocre or “meh” relationships. You were born to have Epic Love: the whole dang cake AND icing, not just stale crumbs. Maybe another part of you has been holding you back from claiming the love that is fully yours, but you’re ready to put your powerful self in the driver’s seat and be lead by love.

Your desire is pointing to your path. Will you say yes to more?


Would you like to know that love can be consistent, generous and loyal? Can you imagine what it would be like to feel fully loved, supported and cherished in relationship?

If you want call in more love, and truly experience relationships as you never have before, click the link below to schedule. I'll answer all the questions you have about the program including the investment.

Registration is now open. Space is very limited. Live coaching, big transformation, high-connection and support.

Registration is now open. Space is very limited. Live coaching, big transformation, high-connection and support.


"I absolutely adore Angela, she's helped me grow immensely. Prior to working with Angela, I was feeling massive amounts of insecurity, not feeling sure of myself, unable to really parent myself, my security was solely based off external situations, relationships especially. She's helped me so much to tap into my inner child, my own power, my own intuition, my own wisdom and I have never felt more powerful  and more confident in my life."

- Kim S.
"I knew that it was going to push me to invest in myself. I knew it was going to up level me and it did, massively. It gave me a new lens to look at relationships and has brought me into myself deeper. I feel so grateful.

My biggest breakthrough was that I had anxious and avoidant attachment and that there was going to be constant interplay. I can now grasp onto and feel that feeling of secure attachment a lot more easily than before.

I wanted to feel sturdy, I feel sturdier. I know the path to sturdy, feels, acts, looks, and feels much more clear to me."
The Secure Love Challenge.png
- Deidra R.


The Secure Love Challenge (1).png

Hi, I'm Angela.

I've have over 13 years experience in the personal growth, development and leadership field. I'm an attachment-based and trauma-informed relationship coach. I started Epic Initiator Coaching over 6 years ago.


I have successfully coached epic transformations in 1:1 clients, couples, business partners and in group coaching containers.


My mission is to provide world-class support in aiding others on their journey to healing and experiencing more: More love, more fun, more joy, more bliss, more abundance.


I have coaching certifications through iPEC, the IFC and am a certified Deeper Dating Coach. I have completed numerous courses with industry leaders and experts in the trauma, attachment, neuroscience and relationship fields and pursue continuing education credits through NICABM, SAND, and MAPS among others.

I would love to meet you, learn about your unique journey and challenges and help you create the kind of love you want.

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