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Compassionate Self-Connection

Free audio gift scripts to help guide you into a deep sense of connection with yourself.

One of the most important parts of healing codependent behaviors is to help reclaim "the lost self." It's very common for those of us who learned this way of being, to self-abandon to get love as well as to focus on getting love and approval externally versus from within.

Try using these scripts daily whenever you have some time alone to focus and imagine that you are saying these things to yourself. You may quickly learn what your inner child aspects really need to hear from you and you can develop your own.

These scripts were designed to help give you some modeling and language around connecting to the part of yourself that you may not be in contact with often. Just like building trust in external relationships, building inner trust takes commitment, time and consistency.

You can download these into iTunes by downloading the audio file and then importing into your music library. From there, you can drag and drop the file into your device when you decide to sync your phone.


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