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Image by Fabian Møller

Welcome to Compassionate Self-Connection

I'm so happy you're here and I'm so glad you are courageously opening to possibility and change through self-love and self-connection. There are two audio files here for you and a quick PDF help guide to get you started. Enjoy!

Image by Toa Heftiba

PDF Instructions:

Compassionate Self-Connection

Click on the picture or here to download! This PDF is here to guide you on how you may want to use the audio files and give you some different suggestions to help you connect because everyone is unique in how they experience and interface with new practices.

Audio Files:

Compassionate Self-Connection

There are two files here for you! One is an introduction and the other is a meditation.


You may listen to the files here on this page or download the zip folder with the files. To download click on "Download Single." These scripts are meant to be a guide for you to begin to understand ways of kindly connecting your conscious mind (intellect and awareness) with your subconscious mind (emotional self and embodied experiences). I hope you'll use them as a template to start creating some of your own!

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