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8 Week Deeper Dating Workshop

Holding Hands

Are you ready to interrupt the cycle of painful relationships? Are you really ready for someone to return your love whole-heartedly?


No more crumbs - you deserve the whole cake, baby!


In this online workshop we will cover:

  • How to identify and break the cycle of unfulfilling relationships.

  • Discovering what your gifts are in relationship (and how not knowing these can cost you BIG).

  • How to reveal your deepest relationship needs from your deepest wounds.

  • Learning the difference between attractions of inspiration (healthy) and deprivation (painful).

  • How unapologetically identifying what you really want in a partner will save you so many years and tears.

  • How to focus our energy on attractions of inspiration.

  • Healing our relationship to self so we attract healthy, safe love.

Based on an integration of the work of my mentor, Ken Page, LCSW as well as several other modalities.

Begins Wednesday April 29th at 7pm EST (New York time). Maximum of 15 participants. 

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