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The Selling Made Easy Show- With Wendy Vaughn 6.22.21

Angela Wetzel Selling Made Easy! (1).png

This podcast was really fun to record and Wendy had some great questions. I'd describe this as a podcast to help entrepreneurs and those whose business is to sell their services do so with authenticity, ease and integrity. Wendy spotlights entrepreneurs as well as offers some on the spot coaching to help connect people with those they can serve.

The Deepening Place - With Angela Abide 1.25.21

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The Deepening Place is a space to discuss Life, Self-Leadership and Love with free thinking people who understand what it means to deepen; and have paid the price to do so. "Here Angela Wetzel, offers her perspective on the division we are currently experiencing in our country. Drawing from her unique background, she explains why we are divided, obstacles to unity, and strategies for building bridges."

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