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The Secure Love Challenge

A FREE 3-day Masterclass with Angela Wetzel

Saturday, October 22nd at 12pm EST
Monday, October 24th at 7:30pm EST
Tuesday, October 25th at 2pm EST - BONUS LIVE ONLY SESSION (no replay)
Wednesday October 26th at 2pm EST

Day 3 of The Secure Love Challenge  Starts in...


"I’m now aligned with the most amazing partner, and I know it wouldn’t have been possible to even connect with him unless I worked through all of the things I did with Angela's help.

We all deserve the love we desire and owe it to ourselves to uncover how to receive it."

–Carolyn S.

"I feel more secure all around and am so excited about the future. I have less overthinking, more understanding, less dissociation, more embodiment plus breakthroughs in how I work with my emotions."

"Dating feels a lot different now! I feel calm, clear on what I want, and I’m able to ask for what I want. 

I've met someone who kept stepping up; I never thought it was possible to have this kind of love."

–Francine S.

Are you starting to give up on love?


Is this YOU? You’ve been waiting to meet the love of your life, but…

  • You keep choosing unhealthy partners.

  • You find emotionally unavailable people irresistibly attractive.

  • You find "healthy people" to be extremely boring.

  • The amount of healing you need to do feels daunting. 

  • You’ve never found what you’re looking for, so you doubt it even exists.

It’s time to end relationship suffering and step into your power in love, so you can...


  • Choose the partner that will give you the love you’re really craving.

  • Feel deeply seen, heard, understood and loved in your relationships.

  • Feel confident, secure, happy and at peace whether you’re with your partner or solo.

  • Trust yourself to show up authentically in your relationships without self-sabotage.


Join me in my FREE 3-Day Secure Love Challenge to deep dive into what’s keeping you stuck and find ways to propel you forward in finding love.




In this challenge, we'll focus on 3 major things:

  1. How to identify exactly what’s been keeping you stuck in toxic relationship patterns and what to do about it.

  2. How to go from avoiding relationships or choosing unsatisfying relationships to feeling confident in choosing healthy, satisfying, connected relationships.

  3. Debunking 6 common relationship myths that will keep you stuck and single (and how to focus on what will get you actual results).


You'll have the opportunity to ask your specific questions, get some live 1:1 coaching and SO MUCH MORE!!


           LIVE COACHING                   VIRTUAL SESSIONS               CREATE MORE LOVE

        discover your unique blocks          join live from your home             from secure attachment




How you know it's for you is simple: it's because you desire it and your desires are sacred; your desires are a unique calling from your soul. You thriving in a healthy and satisfying relationship not only serves you, but it serves the world. It supports you, fills you up with love and catapults you into passionate purpose.

Would you like secure love to feel fun and easy? Can you imagine what it would be like to feel confident and powerful in relationships? Then, consider this challenge your masterclass.


When you register, you get access to:

  • FREE live relationship workshops with Angela Wetzel.

  • The opportunity for LIVE coaching with Angela to pinpoint and heal your unconscious love blocks.

  • Challenge replays for the duration of the workshop.

  • The opportunity to win a free deep-dive coaching session just for showing up.

  • Learn in community & with support.

"I met my boyfriend at an open music jam in Brooklyn, we took things slow and fell deeply into the healthiest love that grows every day.

Thank YOU, Angela, for helping me see the light and love within ME in order to open my heart again."

–Kerry M.

Find Your Missing Pieces

Discover what's been keeping you stuck in less than satisfying relationships and how to turn the tables.

Personalized Content

Bring your unique questions and receive the benefits of witnessing and participating in transformational coaching.

Community Support

Join other like-minded people in this healing community during the live sessions and in the private FaceBook group.

Kissing in Nature

I can't wait to share my best stuff with you!

Even if you can't attend live, you can still catch the replays during the challenge.

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About Angela

It's my greatest thrill in life to get you more love.

I get so damn excited to watch my clients heal their blocks to love and allow so much more in: more self-love, more self-expression, more joy, more abundance and most of all, these gorgeous, deeply-fulfilling relationships. Everything changes when you commit fully to yourself.

I'm a certified, trauma-informed relationship and Deeper Dating Coach. As an Energy Leadership Practitioner (think emotional management and leadership), I specialize in attachment and relationship dynamics in personal and business relationships working 1:1, with couples, business partners and groups. I'm also a frequently promoted writer on Elephant  Journal and a public speaker. I co-host The So Emotional Podcast with my podcast partner, Nick Carl, which can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud.

And just for fun, here's my "list":

Aries Sun

Gemini Moon, Gemini Rising

Human Design: Projector with Splenic Authority, 5/1

Myers-Briggs Type: INFJ

Enneagram: 7

I can't wait to meet you at the Challenge!

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