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The Sensitive Alpha

Begins week of 5/11/22 – enrollment is open for early bonuses. Space is limited: twelve spots total available for this course.

What are the energies that a feminine energy being needs to alchemize (transform/transmutate) in order to create the kind of relationship she truly desires? I’ll give you a hint: she needs to heal the energy she most wants to attract.


If you’re a feminine energy partner, you desire to be cherished, honored and to really, deeply receive. You desire being pursued gently and to surrender, but it hasn’t fully felt safe to let yourself be held and supported in relationships. You can tell that something’s off, but you don’t know quite what it is – you sense there’s a blindspot. You may find yourself chasing after and pulling on the energy of those who don’t want to give to you or avoiding the pressure of having someone aggressively pursue you and pull on your energy, blowing past your boundaries. These are some examples of wounded polarity in action: the push and the pull.


You may be aware of some common areas where you’re feeling stuck around relationships, but you’re not quite sure what to do or how to make consistent changes. Structure, support, consistency and momentum may not feel safe to you and if you’re able to cultivate some of these things…they seem to be inconsistent at best.


Your own inner relationship is the most important thing when it comes to your external relationships: polarity isn’t something that you can fake. For example, leaning back or being “hard to get", like some dating coaches suggest for feminine energy partners, doesn’t work if your energy is still leaning forward. The shift you make must be internal. It’s got to be the real deal.


What do I mean exactly when I say you can’t fake polarity? When your inner polarity is off you'll see it manifested in your outside world. It’s a lot easier to see what the other person is bringing to the table, what we think or feel about them instead of focusing on what our own energy is doing. The best part is, we can actually reverse engineer this and see what’s really going on. 


Polarity is the state of having two opposite but complementary energies, like yin and yang or masculine and feminine energy, two parts of a whole. Polarity is what creates attraction towards a particular object, energy or direction. This is why when we have unhealed wounds within, especially when we carry a lot of wounded masculine and feminine energy, we attract those complementary opposites. This is because both extremes reside within us and were created at the same time, we simply choose which part of the polarity we feel more comfortable with aka, the "lesser of two evils."


Basically, what we are attracting and what we are attracted to is showing us very directly what “end of the stick” we’re holding, so to speak. I see this a lot with my clients. They will find themselves attracted to two different types of relationship dynamics in different areas of their lives, kind of like energetic ping-pong. This can feel like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. You may feel intensely attracted to unavailable partners but feel helpless and powerless in that dynamic, so you try to swing the opposite direction and hang out with partners that are more available, but when they start to get close, all you want to do is run away because a part of you is grossed out and repelled by the availability you claim to seek (but there’s more to this, because again, we’re talking about wounded energies). We can get caught here and go back and forth to exhaustion.


So what’s really needed here? A way out of the cyclical patterns and habituated behaviors that aren’t getting you the results you desire. We need to cultivate healthy and empowered energies within while supporting and nurturing our wounded energies so they catch up and heal; this is real transformation. Through the process of healing our relationship to both our masculine and feminine energies and their relationship to each other, we shift our polarity drastically because we are no longer operating from wounded extremes. It’s no longer “this or that,” the possibilities become endless and we realize that we have the power to choose what we desire.


Once the feminine partner shifts from her wounded perspective and begins living from her empowered self, she is in control of the one thing that actually matters most: her connection to her own energy and desire. She’s no longer powerless or stuck in a cycle of waiting or pushing for things to happen. Responding to herself and taking inspired action becomes easy.


Mentoring clients on how to heal and integrate their energies for balanced and blissful partnerships is my area of expertise. It’s what I love to do; seeing the shifts take place in my clients and the new partners they call in as a result, is one of my very favorite things in this world. I love to help people receive more love.


This is why I created a course specifically for feminine energy partners looking to create more love inside and out: Relational Alchemy for the Feminine Energy Being. It’s an entire system to help her heal and cultivate her empowered energy so that relating becomes effortless. 


The system that every feminine energy being needs to attract empowered masculine energy to her (and within her):


  • Wounded vs Empowered Energy Dynamics: Understanding and becoming familiar with the differences between wounded and empowered energy and what to do with both.


  • Healing Wounded Polarity and Patterns: Identifying stuck patterns and wounded polarity and how to begin healing so the energy moves from the extremes into blissful balance (no more relationship ping-pong).


  • Practicing Embodiment and Receiving: Learning how to create and accept the invitation to come home to your own body, then do it again and again.


  • Emotional Confidence: Navigating the emotional ladder with confidence and mastery so that you know how to traverse the rough spots in life and relationships.


  • Utilizing Holographic Thinking: Using discernment to tell the difference between 'red flags' and 'magenta flags' so you doen’t cut and run due to anxiety and hypervigilance.


  • Emotional Navigation Under Pressure: Recognizing triggers quickly and how to powerfully bring yourself back to a place of empowerment.


  • Anchoring Self-Trust: Trusting your own intuition, emotions, desires and discernment versus self-abandoning and self-betraying.


  • Staying in the Now: Learning how to surrender, relax and allow, which magnetizes healthy masculine energy.


And many more...


The person who will get the best results from this course is ready to commit to herself. She’s not interested in “if”or “maybe someday" but “when,” and knows there’s more to life that’s available for her – she can tell she’s missing some pieces when it comes to her whole-self coming online, but she’s not far from her next breakthrough. 


The best part is, all that’s really needed to shift is the understanding of healthy relational dynamics, the right information and a support system to implement these shifts.


Once this information is fully embodied, she becomes unstoppable because she has the confidence to know that she can simply rinse and repeat. The journey is like peeling the infinite onion, after she learns the process and it clicks, the transformation she will see is incredible.


Enrollment in Relational Alchemy for the Feminine Energy Being is a low-four-figure investment. It’s a small financial commitment for the priceless return of creating self-confidence and self-trust, mastering your emotions, finding a sense of ease within your relationships and attracting your ideal partner by avoiding years of dating those who are not ready for partnership, unnecessary feelings of being lost and confused and finally learning the skills necessary to create satisfying and healthy relationship dynamics.


If you’re interested in changing the way you do relationships forever and want to learn the secrets of relational alchemy, click on the link to schedule an enrollment call with me so we can determine right fit for you as well as the group. Space for this course is limited to ten beautiful souls and will only be taught once this year. If you feel called and inspired to join, I’d love to have you in the group!


Quick program details for Relational Alchemy for the Feminine Energy Being:


[x]  The course is 8-weeks long beginning the 2nd week of February 2022, ending the last week of March 2022.

[x]  Consists of 8 self-paced modules, the first module will be released one week before our first meeting.

[x]  Journaling, movement and embodiment exercises.

[x]  Limited to a maximum of 10 participants.

[x]  We will meet for 1.5 hours each week on Zoom for Q&A and powerful group coaching.

[x]  Recordings of the calls will be in your student dashboard in case you have to miss or leave early.

[x]  There's a Facebook Group for support, guidance and sharing wins.

[x]  Bonus wrap up call one month after we finish Relational Alchemy.

[x]  Pay-in-full and payment plan options.


Early bonuses include*:


  • (1) one-on-one coaching session with me, you can use anytime from enrollment to the end of the course.

  • (2) mini-Voxer coaching sessions (Voxer is a free walkie-talkie app that allows you to leave voice memo messages – up to 15 minutes each) to use through the end of the course.

  • $225 off the program price.

  • Early students get first availability for coaching add-ons during the course.


*(Bonuses End 1/31/22)

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