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1-on-1 Offerings
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3-Month and 6-Month Coaching Packages

If you're looking for results and changing some harder, ingrained habits, or if you've done a lot of work on your own and are looking to expand, this is the best option and one I would recommend to most prospective clients. Each session is 45 minutes, we will go up to an hour time-allowing. Included in these packages are email and Voxer support in-between sessions, homeplay assignments, detailed session notes and payment plan options. You have the option of bringing to each session the issue you'd like to work on and expand on, or asking for guidance and following a specially-tailored curriculum to help with a larger, overreaching issue. I usually schedule 3 sessions per month, but you can opt for four sessions. After the consult, if we are a good fit, you will receive a standard coaching agreement to sign and some instructions on how to make your payment as well as set-up Voxer support. **Sliding scale offered for those in need of some financial consideration - limited spots available, I highly encourage you to ask about it during the consult, it is here for you if needed.** To book a consult, please click here. Have more questions? Access the FAQ guide here.

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Drop-in Coaching Session

This is a new offering to help support people in need during these unconventional times; this can be used for something as simple as emotional support and connection or something more involved like finding resources to address a problem or dealing with a specific issue. It is also possible for those with coaching packages to add on last minute or additional sessions for added support. The goal of this drop-in session is to allow for someone who is not ready or interested in long-term coaching to have an outlet for support. 1 hour and 2 hour options are available for these sessions; for one hour, book one session, for two, book two back-to-back. Click here to book now. Most booking options are one-day in advance, for last-minute sessions, please send an email directly to me by clicking here. Those needing sliding scale will use the Pay What You Can Booking Option and send Payment via Paypal. **Sliding scale offered for those in need of some financial consideration - limited spots available, I highly encourage you to inquire, it is here for you if needed.**

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