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**This offering is included in my 1:1 coaching program packages but is no longer available as a single session purchase. For a complimentary consult click on the Book Now button.**

You Were Meant to Have it All.

You weren't created for "meh" love or an "I guess this is okay" life.


You were meant for heart-expanding, leg-shaking, soul-satisfying love, epic relationships and the adventure of a lifetime – somehow you know you're meant to have it all.


It's waking up next to your partner who's as gorgeous on the outside as they are on the inside, in a home that just makes your soul go, "Ahhhh" as you get to share love, passion, and laughter while living and playing full out in this world together. 

It's cooking blueberry pancakes on Sunday morning, enjoying your coffee on your porch and holding hands, enjoying the view while you feel gratitude for this life and each other. This is it.


Deep down, you know you're not here to play small and yet you find yourself still struggling in love, repeating the same patterns with partners that aren't ready to commit or that aren't actually invested in doing the work for the wildly satisfying love and life you're wanting to you end up spinning your wheels, not being able to take your purpose to greater heights with a partner by your side.

I get it. You're not alone. I hear this all the time from my clients; they feel like something is blocking them having the love and life they want, they just can't put their finger on it. It's a blindspot.​


If you're like most people, you've tried all the things...journaling, talk therapy, the law of attraction, EMDR, jumping from book to webinar to podcast to seminar in hopes of finding the next piece of the puzzle, plant medicine ceremonies, you name it! I did too.

I myself felt pretty stuck until...

Couple by Waterfall

I discovered my Design.

You have unique design, purpose and way you were meant to live so you can find love, success and satisfaction.


What I didn't realize I needed (and what I didn't know existed) was a blueprint for how I was actually designed to live and love. I needed a system; Human Design and the Gene Keys was that system for me.​

This is, in effect, a User Manual for You.


When my clients learn more about who they came here to be and the way they're designed to operate in the world, they simultaneously have several lightbulb moments and feel tremendous relief. Things that they previously thought were weird or ashamed of, they discover is actually in their design. 


Like my client Amber K. who said, "I was SHOCKED to find out that THIS is why I've been struggling. I wish I knew this sooner!" ​She was then able to change HOW she dated and how she viewed dating and it became so much fun for her. 


And Rob W. who said he could stop shaming himself now because it became beyond clear that it was pointless: "I now understand myself so much better."​ Rob learned to listen to his desires, began working remotely and took 4 trips last year all while scaling his business. He used to talk himself out of traveling like he'd always wanted.


Understanding your unique design through Human Design and Gene Keys has been life-changing for so many of my clients. Human Design has been described as, "A comprehensive and personalized map of your unique energy and life blueprint, guiding you towards ​​​​​​​​​​​​self-awareness, personal growth and empowerment."

Hammock in the Mountains

Life-Changing Clarity

Here's just a short list of the cool things my clients have created by knowing their unique design:

  • Saying "Yes" to their soul and what they ACTUALLY want to do.

  • Easier, happier and juicier relationships.

  • Dating feels easier with no pressure and more excitement.

  • 2x-4x their best months in revenue.

  • New exciting projects and opportunities they've always wanted to do; they ended up taking the leap by relying on their inner guidance.

  • A deeper, better relationship with their parents (having their parents see them for the first time and truly being able to see them in return). *this is honestly one of my faves*

  • More travel, more adventure and more fun – happily crossing off long-desired bucket list items.

I'm passionate about helping high-achievers and purpose-driven people who struggle in their relationships to love, purpose, and joy find more clarity, confidence and ease in life. It's always my goal to help amplify their ability to create more love and more fun in their present reality. 


This is why I've decided to offer this 90-minute LIVE one-on-one session where I take you through your unique Human Design Chart and Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile so you can learn the fastest route to clearing the relationships blocks that keep you from having the life and love you really want.

This Designed to Have it All "Love Codes" Session is like nothing you'll find anywhere else. This is an attachment-informed, high-level relationship coach reading of your unique Human Design and Gene Keys profiles, which is why I'm so excited to be offering this to 10 individuals.

We'll be using your design to discover how to collapse your relationship timeline and to unlock your strategy for effortless love.

This is what you can expect to learn from our session:

>>> How you were designed to make decisions for success, satisfaction and blissful relationships.

>>> Where your blindspots and pitfalls are so you can avoid them.

>>> Your single greatest challenge in life is along with your greatest gifts.

>>> What ongoing external conflicts you will see again and again in your relationships and how to resolve this.

>>> The three main things you need to heal to experience deeply satisfying relationships.

>>> How to know when you're in alignment and out of alignment (hint: if you're angry, frustrated, bitter or of these is your tell-tale signs).

>>> What your life purpose is.

>>> What your life's work, personal brand and highest vocation is.

>>> Your biggest block to prosperity and how to transform it for material, emotional and spiritual abundance.

>>> What the result of your greatest harvest in life will bring you.

Please note: You will need to have your exact time of birth, date of birth and place of birth to complete your design charts.

This is brand new offer combining years of expert-level coaching and multiple modalities is a one-time offer.

Book now to get your own 90-minute live one-on-one "Love Codes" personalized deep dive on your unique design and discover where you've been blocked and how to create the life and love you really want.


Space is limited to only 10 sessions.

This is a unique opportunity and these won't last long!

View from Tent
“I'm now aligned with the most amazing partner and I know it wouldn't have been possible to even connect with him before doing this work.
Hands down one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself."

 – Julia B.

"To all that are hearing or reading these words:

May your heart burst open in unconditional Love.

May your mind be illuminated by infinite Peace.

May your body be flooded by the light of your Essence.

May all whom you touch in this life

Through your thoughts, your words and your deeds,

Be transformed by the Radiance of your Presence."

- Richard Rudd, 

Author of The Gene Keys


My name is Angela Wetzel

Not everyone knows this about me, but looking back, I was likely always going to be some form of love coach and guide because I used to chase boys around the playground in kindergarten. I've always loved love but love wasn't always easy for me.


I have been studying people and relationships whether it was through my acting and studio training at NYU, writing poetry and articles for Elephant Journal, through my career as a Korean Linguist in the US Army as a Non-Commissioned Officer, working in Project Management for the Office of Naval Intelligence or doing standup comedy and improv.


Relationships have always been my greatest teacher. I began my coaching career in late 2015 first with Scientific Hand Analysis and then Human Design...way before most anyone knew what it was. 

It somehow just clicked for me immediately. I was absolutely floored by how wildly accurate this system is (it's almost too accurate, lol) and I've been enjoying reading charts for friends and clients alike since the beginning. 

Later, I became certified through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and am an Energy Leadership Coach, as well as Deeper Dating Certified Coach. I am a constant learner and have trained with many of the top experts in the Personal Development, Trauma-Informed, Relationship and Neuroscience fields.

I'm so happy you're here looking for ways to give yourself the things you've always wanted. I believe you deserve to have what you want and that you're meant to have it all. 

I look forward to meeting you and helping you find clarity, fun and ease on your own hero's journey. 

– Angela

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