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What are you doing for fun these days?

As a chronic in-your-head girl, book-addict and get-it-right obsessor, I can always use a cerebral vacation. Writing is actually one of those things that's really good for me in that regard, if that makes any sense at, it doesn't, does it? Ironically, it gets me out of my head and into the flow. I'm sure you have your own things that are unique to you. And with all the heavy topics I like to dive into, I need mindless, super ridiculous breaks. Often.

Anyway, I've been noticing as I get more and more serious in my "adulting" I'm having less and less fun these days. And by fun, I don't mean all night - I'm actually struggling to remember the word since this is so far from what I do - binges? Bender! I had to Google that. Or whatever. Strippers, alcohol, coke - I'm kidding. Those things can be fun from time to time. Ok, ok all that is really said tongue-in-cheek, I swear, but there's no accounting for tone in writing, is there? After all, I live in New York City.

So, if you're looking for some recommendations for a some joyful activities - pure ridiculousness just for the fun of it - look no further!

1) Play dress up.

Seriously. It's so fun to pull those weird odds and ends out of the closet, dust them off, put on some Cyndi Lauper and have a DIY fashion show. The weirder the better. Consider yourself Marc Jacobs. Bonus points to putting on some runway tunes Spotify playlist and strutting your stuff. Even better? Throw a costume-themed party! Honestly, this works well even if you do it alone, but add in a few great pals, have them bring their collections, and it's sure to be a night you won't soon forget.

2) Explore.

You heard me. You get off your tush. Get out of your house/apartment/mobile home/grass hut/mudflat and explore your neighborhood or another neighborhood. You don't have to buy a plane ticket to take a trip and see something new. This is even better if you try it on rollerblades. :) Make it a point to go where you feel led. This could be to another street or even to a bookstore. This is the joy of wandering aimlessly and just following your curiosity (something we all used to do naturally as children). Let yourself surprise you. If you can get out into the wild, take a bus, take a train and explore gorgeous nature.

3) Jump.

I have a mini trampoline! While I highly recommend getting yourself one, you don't need one for this activity. So, you know how you have these songs that when they come on, you revert to a nine-year-old and shriek like a graveyard banshee? Make a list of those songs, put your hair in some pigtails and jump and dance around. Like a lunatic. Until you're breathing heavily and it gets so weird you start laughing at yourself. Best done solo or with someone you REALLY, REALLY trust.

4) Make some SnapChat Filter videos.

I had read this article awhile back about how adults laugh about 2% of what kids do in a day and I found that 1) shocking 2) depressing and 3) unacceptable. What I discovered when hanging out with my nieces and nephews over one Thanksgiving holiday is, yep, it's true. They laugh. A. LOT. So, what were they doing? Goofing off. On SnapChat. It's seriously ridiculous and seriously fun. Try out some of the filters, make some silly videos - just you, with friends, whatever, then share them. People love these things. You can check mine out on my personal page on Instagram @angelamwetzel.

5) Animal Impressions.

Ok, this really is a weird suggestion, BUT it does get people out of their heads and feeling ridiculous in no time! It's a fast pattern-interrupter. In fact, one of my family's favorites! Now you know how strange we are. Pick an animal, any animal and try to pretend you are that animal while moving around your home. Make noises, grunt, beat your chest, squawk...this some people might like to save for when they are alone. You may even be judging yourself for thinking about doing something so ridiculous or judging me for suggesting it! It's okay. Judge all you want. It's your life. I personally like to see the judgey, scared looks on people's faces, so this is fun to spring on unsuspecting TV watchers in your near vicinity.

6) Sing power ballads.

Sometimes, it just feels really good to put on some '80's hair band music like, Heart or some '90's Celine Dion, or whatever makes you feel like a super diva and sing your heart out. This is especially fun with some friends in a private karaoke room if you can find a karaoke spot near you where you pay by the hour. There are TONS in NYC. A lot of the major cities have them, in Korea, they're known as "No-ray-bahng" or song rooms.


7) Have a game night with friends or family. I SO recommend Telestrations. This game has our family laughing so hard we have to wrap the upholstered chairs in plastic. (Kidding! Haha) Other favorites are Balderdash, Quelf, and Bang! Sometimes a game or two of Exploding Cats is fun.

8) Try out virtual reality! If you don't feel barfy from the spins from watching video games, this might be fun for you. It's a little pricey to visit a virtual reality game spot, BUT, if it's winter, hey, it's a fun indoor activity! And you get to wear these cool glasses.

I hope you had fun trying some new things and getting out of your comfort zone and back into your body! So, what are you own go-to activities to bring some fun back into your life? If you tried some of these, I'd love to hear your success and massive failure stories. Most of all, I hope you laugh. Leave your comments below :D thanks for sharing!

Need some more ideas? Stuck and having no fun?

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