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An open letter to the broken hearted

Dear Beloved,

There are so many things I want to tell you knowing that it is I who needs to hear them most.

None of your time has been wasted. You have been shaped, molded and transformed by your loneliness, your tears and the depths of your sorrow. Your aching needs and desires became the prayers that were silently etched into the canvas of the heavens to be received and honored by God. While you were working, divinity was working within you. Moments you were shocked awake with the harshness of hot electricity and searing fire, you were being cradled and soothed from beyond, always carried when you could not stand, always revered when you could walk alone.

When you were betrayed, you were learning how you deserve to be cherished. When you were taken for granted, you were awakening to what it means to be valued beyond measure. When your body shook with the beautiful fragility of falling tears, you were opening once again to love's infinite treasures. When you lost everything you held sacred, you were making space for unmasked goodness and purity. When you were frightened, you were strengthening your wings of courage preparing for the biggest leap of faith yet to be required. All endings are not your death, but your evolution.

These words are mine and yours. Dear reader, Beloved Soul, these words have come through my flesh to be the salve to your unanswered cries, intended for you long before you arrived. You can surrender knowing something better is on the way. Trust and be reborn in the new life that awaits. Your suffering has been held in the highest esteem, such as you are.

Love, The divinity in me that sees the divinity in you

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