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5 Ways Self Help Becomes a Trap

Tinctures, tarot card readings, acupuncture, coffee colonics, Reiki, dance yoga, therapy, celery juicing, sweat lodges…I could go on and on.

Many of us have done it all.

When we’ve done a lot of personal development without much to show for it, feelings of frustration, shame, or even resentment can surface. I’ve been there, too. I’ve experienced everything:

"Omg! This book is life-changing," or "There must be something seriously wrong with me," and even the irritation and confusion of, "She wants me to do what to cleanse my chakras?!"

All of these things have their place in the world of healing and holistic marvels, because each person interacts with different methods of healing unique to their own makeup.

But what about when self-help doesn’t work?

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Angela Wetzel


New York, NY 10033

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